About me

About me

Freelance Illustrator / Concept Artist

Alba Palacio

I am a freelance Illustrator / Concept Artist with experience with character concept, environment, character key art, promotional art, and illustrations in different styles.

Besides my freelance work I have professional experience as Concept Artist and Lead Artist in the videogame industry and experience in VR development as 2d Artist / Concept Artist.

Since 2016 I have been working as a freelance creating artwork for several publishers, events and board games.
Lead Concept Artist for «Don´t Break Down»
Concept Artist for PentaDimensional Games.

Specialized in character creation and illustration.

Worked with ChidoriBooks, SteelCodeStudios, Descubierta, Wintersday, PVPGeeks, Stahleck GOT Tournament, Barna Dohaeris GOT, Opportunity magazine

Editorial represented by PlumPudding Illustration Agency

ArenaNet Creative Partner


-Clip Studio


— Selected Illustration for Mistborn Challenge, second volume interior artwork. (2021) Penguin Random House
–Won second prize at ESO Poster Challenge (2013)
–Won second prize at Videogame Illustration Contest Gamepolis (2015)
–Won First Prize Wacom Eurocopa (2016)

InfectedbyArt Volume 7

InfectedbyArt Volume 9


Concept and Videogame Design at ESDIP
Fine Arts Degree at University
Bachelor or Arts